About FASH

F.A.S.H. Spring Horse Show is held every May over Mother's Day Weekend featuring Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Hackney Ponies. The show takes place at the Minnesota State Fair's Warner Coliseum. F.A.S.H. aims to be your personal favorite show. We cater to exhibitors and trainers alike. Our outstanding hospitality, parties, and trainer bonuses make our show fun and exciting.

2021 Judges


F.A.S.H. Spring Horse Show will have a three (3) judge panel for the Saddlebred, Hackney Pony and Exhibition Divisons at our show! Our judges are Tammy Conatser, Heather Boodey and Tim Roesink.


Three-Judge Panel for American Saddlebreds, Morgans, Hackney Ponies, Open, Equitation: 

Tammie Conatser, Heather Boodey and Tim Roesink

It's going to be a great year! The committee is already hard at work making this year's show even better. Check back often for updates. Can't wait to see you at the show!

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Saddlebred Star Rated Show

Morgan Star Rated Show

Qualify for the Monarch Show Series Championship

FASH is also affiliated with the following associations for both Levels A and B of awards:


  • Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association

  • North Central Morgan Association

  • Iowa Horse Show Association

  • Illinois Pleasure Saddlebred Horse Association

  • Wisconsin American Saddlebred  Association

  • Mid America Horse Association

  • TriState Horseman's Association


Results will be submitted to these associations in a timely manner. 


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Qualify for ADHHA Finals

F.A.S.H. Spring Horse Show is pleased to announce the American Dutch Harness Horse Association has approved F.A.S.H. as a qualifying show for the 2021 American Dutch Harness Horse Finals.  Classes being offered for qualification are  Roadster Classes, Open English Pleasure (under saddle), Open Pleasure Driving, and Open Fine Harness.  


To learn more about these high stepping show horses visit. www.ADHHA.org








The Minnesota State Fairgrounds is a premier horse show facility featuring the following amenities:

  • Fully heated facility

  • 521 box stalls

  • Coliseum seats 5,250

  • 10,500 sq. ft. concourse area for vendors

  • Full service concession stands

  • Coliseum show arena is 270' X 120'

  • Cattle Barn warm up arena connected to the show coliseum with a covered chute

  • Covered warmup arena adjacent to the show coliseum

  • Compeer Arena (additional warmup arena) 200' X 80'

Exceptional Facilities